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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 27 Feb 2015)
Way to Russia is an information resource: we do not provide any travel services by ourselves. Instead, we forward your requests to carefully selected providers. All providers recommended by Way to Russia are subject to constant Quality Monitoring ("mystery shoppers", client feedback, etc.) and subscribe to the Service Level Agreement (maximum 24 hour reply, fair prices, etc.).

We do get a small commission from them when you order their services, which allows us to support and develop our free independent guide to Russia and maintain our quality monitoring service.
By ordering through Way to Russia you support our free independent guide to Russia and get our backup in dealing with providers.

Contacting Travel Providers

In case you have any questions about your order or something went wrong, please, _always_ contact your travel provider directly. Once you have made the order, you will receive their full contact details (telephone, e-mail, address) and will be able to contact them directly. 

The most common problem, in our experience, that people forget to check their Spam folders and then think they haven't received any response. 

If you contact Way to Russia we will simply not be able to help you, as we do not process the orders.

However, you can contact Way to Russia if you have any problem with the provider and cannot resolve it. We will then act on your behalf and attempt to resolve the situation to your advantage.
To contact us, please, use our Facebook page or Tweet @waytorussia at first. If you have a private matter, please, try to phrase it in a public way, so our response is helpful for others. If that's not possible, please send your message (including your order number and date and the provider name) to travelservices ATT waytorussia POINT net

Ordering Travel Services through Way to Russia

Here are a few reasons why we think we provide the best travel reservation facilties for Russia:

• Same Price, More Service
• We Control the Service Providers, So You're Safe
• Saving Your Money and Time
• Objective Information and Optimal Choice
• Everything at the Same Place
• Controlled Reservation Process
• Our Backup in Dealing with Providers

We have the audience of 1.5 Mln people every year, and are recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, BBC, The Moscow Times newspaper and others. So the service providers take our advice and our readers very seriously.

1. Same Price, More Service
If you order a service through Way to Russia you will pay exactly the same as what you'd pay to the service provider directly. However, you get a backup of our quality monitoring team and support our free guide to Russia (as we get commissions from every successful order).
Also, you don't have to search through tons of travel offers to find the best. We already did this job for you and organized the results in a neat searchable interface that is a pleasure to work with.

2. We Control the Service Providers, So You're Safe
Our customer support department, Way to Russia Hotline, is closely monitoring all requests that are directed to our advertisers. The reservation processes are conducted under our supervision to ensure that all service providers follow these simple rules (this is our SLA):

This free independent travel guide to Russia exists thanks to the commission we get when you order these hand-picked trusted third-party services or when you buy our book. Please, support us!



Rule #1: The owners should contact their clients as soon as possible, maximum within 24 hours
Rule #2: The prices advertised on WayToRussia.Net should be the same or lower than anywhere else or than directly with the service providers.
Rule #3: The reservation process should be comfortable and the client should always know what happens next.
Rule #4: The Service Provider representatives should speak English.
Rule #5: The Service Provider should honor the reservation and by all means avoid any changes or cancellations. In case of force-major the owner should find a suitable alternative for the client.
Rule #6: The owner should always be willing to help the client in case he/she has a special requests.

If you reserve your travel services through Way to Russia Hotline you can be sure that we will make the owner follow these rules. They will be responsible not only in front of a single client (you), but also in front of the information resource with +1 Million audience.  

3. Saving your money and time
The customers don’t need to search through piles of information, trying to compare different hotels and to avoid potential problems. We have already done a lot of research on the market and on providers, so we are happy to share this information. Just take a look at the listings on this site.
Way to Russia Hotline operators can help you select the most optimal options, taking your own priorities into account. This way you will only pay for what you really need. Besides, we often have special offers featuring lower prices than providers.

4. Objective information and choice
Any agency always praises itself and tries to look better than competitors. We know the difference between the competing offers, so we just present objective information about them and let the customer make informed choice.
An agency or a service provider will never talk about its weak points, so the clients will never know them. We know all the strong and weak points for each provider and agency, helping you to make the right and balanced choice.

5. Everything at the same place...
Way to Russia features listings of all imaginable travel services. So, if you need a train ticket, Russian visa support, visa registration, interpreter, tour or anything else, you can order all this through our integrated service listings system. If you need recommendations or help with the reservation, you can always contact Way to Russia Hotline support center and our representatives will be happy to assist you.

6. Controlled reservation process
We developed easy-to-use order processes and designed friendly user interfaces, which allow you to book an a travel service easily, quickly, and with a minimum effort.





Comments, Questions, Feedback?

If you have a question, please, post it in Way to Russia forum or tweet @waytorussia.

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