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Author: waytorussia (on 09 Mar 2015)
There are plenty of good hostels in Russia. Most of them are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there's also a few in Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and other smaller cities. A bed in a dorm room costs from $10 to $25 and you can also get a single or double private room for $50-$70, which can be a good alternative to overpriced hotels.

Use the form below to check hostel availability in any Russian city and make your reservation. This service is provided by Hostel Bookers. We chose them because they offer the lowest prices, a very good selection, and don't charge any extra fees. To reserve a hostel, you just need to pre-pay 10% of the total amount, 40% of which goes to Way to Russia to finance this free travel guide to Russia.




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