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Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 02 Oct 2019)
The cheapest direct flights to Russia are available through Berlin (Utair, Aeroflot), Riga (Air Baltic), Milan and Athens (both Aeroflot). So if you're flying from the USA, check if the price is lower when you get a stopover in one of these cities. Local airlines, such as UTair or Ural Airlines, offer very competitive routes from the smaller European cities and are worth checking as well. Finally, Russian airlines offer very competitive prices to South-East Asia, Thailand and Japan. The domestic flights inside Russia itself are quite cheap and almost all the airlines can be trusted. 

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Option #2: Find Cheap Flights Inside Russia

The form below can be used to find the flight deals offered by the Russian travel agencies, which may sometimes be more competitive for domestic flights.


Russian Airlines FAQ

Here's some first-hand travel advice that will save your money and time when traveling to / within Russia by air.

Carry-On and Check-in Luggage Regulations in Russia

You should watch out as some airlines exclude the check-in luggage from their low prices. For example, while Aeroflot always includes check-in luggage (max 23 kg) in all their tickets (even the budget ones), Utair and Pobeda exclude check-in luggage from their cheapest offers. You can pay extra for a better ticket and get the 20 kg allowance, but make sure you check your bags because if you have 2 kg more, you might have to end up paying €50-€100 extra. Also make sure you check the carry-on luggage allowance. For example, Aeroflot allows up to 10 kg bag plus a small laptop bag, while Pobeda (the Russian low-coster) would not allow you even that (only 1 carry-on max 5 kg). Utair is the same as Aeroflot, but only if you pay extra for the premium ticket.

Long-Haul Flights to Asia from Russia

Russian airlines are great for long-haul flights to Asia. They offer an extensive network and direct comfortable flights. Check out Aeroflot and their subsidiary Rossiya airlines for flights to Thailand, India, Sri-Lanka. Sometimes you can get a return direct flight for as low as €350. 


Cheap Russian Flights Tickets

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