Way to Russia Philosophy, Values, and Goals

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 04 Jun 2015)
Way to Russia is an information resource about Russia and travel services directory founded by a group of friends in 2000 in Moscow.  

We are not a travel agency and do not provide any services by ourselves, we provide the most up-to-date information about Russia. 

We arrange the best deals with the most reliable companies and advertise their services on this site. Our managers constantly monitor the quality of these services, making sure our readers have the best experience using Way to Russia for arranging your journey to Russia (Read more about how the quality monitoring works).

Our guide is recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, BBC, The Guardian and other reputable publications and organizations (see quotes below).

Our mission is to communicate the unique character of Russia and to enable individuals, companies, and organizations make the most of their experience of Russia.

You can read testimonials from our clients here or on our Facebook page. Press quotes are available at the bottom of this page.

How We Work and Our Values

• We aim to provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and valuable information about Russia available.

• We want promote transcultural interaction and to show Russia as an interesting and diverse place to travel and live in.

• We offer first-hand experience in this guide. We traveled around Russia ourselves, made Russian visa support letters for our friends, went out to find the best places to eat and to party, nearly got in a fight at a small town on an occasion, even married each other in Russia to see what it is like. After it is done, we simply record our experience and put it on this website.

• The companies that advertise their services on this site should provide excellent customer support and have fair prices. If a company is advertised on this website, this means that we are using their services ourselves and always recommend it to our friends.

• We believe in being friendly and helpful to our customers and visitors of this site not only because it is a good business practice, but also because we enjoy doing it ourselves.



Press about Way to Russia

This free independent travel guide to Russia exists thanks to the commission we get when you order these hand-picked trusted third-party services or when you buy our book. Please, support us!


Rough Guides to Russia: "Way to Russia: Russia-based information portal with links to providers of apartments [...] This website has a regularly updated section on the ever-changing rules governing visas and registration"
(2006 edition, page 383)

Lonely Planet Guide to Moscow: "www.waytorussia.net lists restaurant and accommodation options and has lots of information about local events, sights, and transport"
(March 2006 edition, page 226)

Lonely Planet Guide to Russia and Trans-Siberian: "A much recommended resource for independent travelers to Russia, produced in Russia by Russian travelers - Waytorussia - Founded by Moscow university students, this slick site features visa and transport info."
(2003 and 2005 editions)

BBC: "Way to Russia - Actively run by a group of Russians with a passion for their country, this contains terrific and often entertaining information www.waytorussia.net"
(see bbc.co.uk - "BBC Recommends" section on the right or just make a search on Russia)

USA Today: "The travelers' information from WaytoRussia —www.waytorussia.net/Moscow/Guide.html— includes addresses of Internet cafes and tips on prepaid Internet cards. Check out "Getting to, from & around Moscow" to learn about public transit. And look to the top of the page for maps and a photo gallery."
(28 April 2004, See www.usatoday.com for the full text)

Go-Magazine (The Moscow Times):
"One of the most comprehensive Russia-travel web portals in English [...] They provide a generous selection of information about Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other Russian cities [...]"
July 8 - September 9 2005, Go-Magazine, The Moscow Times - http://www.go-magazine.ru/articles/show/255

Copyright & Liabilities

All the information appearing on the pages of this site is copyright WayToRussia.Net. The authors of the texts, photos and sounds that are on the pages of this site as well as appropriate copyrights are listed at the bottom of the corresponding pages.

The concept, design, graphics, photos, texts that appear on this site and the name "WayToRussia.Net" are protected by the copyright law. For further information, please, refer to IDDN certificate.
Before using the material (text, photos, graphics) from this site other than for personal needs, please, contact us for prior permission.

While we do everything to provide you with the best information, services, and assistance possible, the authors take no liability for any actions taken based on the information and advices from this site or for any services provided by the companies presented on this website. Simply saying, you are the only one who is responsible for your own actions. 


Comments, Questions, Feedback?

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