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Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 17 Jun 2015)

Here we summarize all the conditions as well as legal implications of using this site. Using this site and any information and services that WayToRussia.Net provides, you accept these terms of use and the conditions of our privacy policy.

Terms of Use

While we do everything to provide you with the best information, services, and assistance possible, the authors, this website, or Ways Ltd, do not accept liability (legal, commercial or otherwise) for any actions taken based on the information and advices from this site or for any services provided by the companies presented on this website. Simply saying, you are the only one who is responsible for your own actions. For example, the visa advice we give is purely based on our personal subjective experience and cannot constitute legal advice. You can take our advice as purely informational and it will be up to you to carry any legal and other consequences of the actions that you take based on our advice.

Note, WayToRussia.Net is a travel guide only, we do not provide any travel services ourselves. Those are provided by carefully selected third parties, which we recommend even to our friends. So we are pretty sure about their quality, but are not liable for any consequences of using their services and the way those services are provided to you. When you use those services you enter into a legal relationship with those companies, not with WayToRussia.Net, who is simply advertising those services. In case you will need any assistance from the service providers, you'll receive their contact details as soon as you order the service and will be able to get in touch with them directly. In case you have a dispute with the provider or need a third-party advice or help, we will be happy to try to assist you if we can (contact us through our forum or via Twitter @waytorussia nametag).

Privacy Policy

All information you provide on this website is private and is for internal use only. We do not share this information with any third parties and never will. We may use your information for research purposes and in this case any data that is published will be aggregated and depersonalized, making it impossible to track it to a specific person or a group of people. For example, we might write about the fact that most of our visitors are from the US, but we will never reveal their identities and the content that was viewed by specific people.


We use cookies (small randomized snippets of code stored in your browser or on your computer to identify returning users in a depersonalized way) to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. An example is knowing you've already visited the main page of our site, so we serve you a cached version of that page like this your browser doesn't need to load it again for you, making it faster and using less bandwidth for you. Another example is that we know you've already visited a guide to Baikal, so next time you come back to our website, we'll show you some updates about Baikal lake available on our site. 

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from this website. If you would like to change your preferences you may do so by following the instructions here (basically, you need to go to your browser's Preferences or Settings and disable Cookies – but then some other sites might not even let you log into your accounts).
If you have any questions regarding the above or need any clarifications, please, contact us on dima [at] waytorussia [point] net or via our Talk Lounge form or on Twitter @waytorussia. More contact details here.

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