Izmailovsky Souvenir Market

Whether you’re after some ancient relics or traditional Russian souvenirs Izmailovsky market has it all. Matryoshkas, cheburashkas, Soviet paraphernalia, badges, winter shawls, fur hats, postcards, books, old electronics, watches, etc. Our special recommendation is the Chebyrashka toy (€10) or an old pre-revolution Samovar to make hot water on coal and fire (from €150) – a must for the coming apocalypse.
Even if you’re not into buying anything this market is a great place to walk around and enjoy the view, try a few things out, and talk to the sellers who are often very keen to tell you the story of every item they have.
Walk out of the metro Partizanskaya and follow the signs to Izmailovsky market walking behind Izmailovo hotel complex. Open daily 9.00 to 18.00.
Izmailovsky Market of Souvenirs in Moscow


Izmailovsky Market
73 Ж, Izmaylovskoye shosse metro Partizanskaya


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