Business Services, Equipment Rental, and Telecommunication Services in Russia:

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 19 Aug 2009)

This catalogue was compiled by Way to Russia team and we included the most interesting offers that combine superb quality and fair prices. Indeed, the companies, whose services are presented here, have experience working both with individual clients and such organizations as OSCE, Governor General of Canada, and Accenture.

We tried to make it possible to find a good provider for any wish you might have: be it just a mobile telephone rental or full-scale event organization services.

Note: We have special partnership agreements with all the companies listed in this section, which means you will get a special treatment, because you were referred by us (we will appreciate your feedback to these services).
If you prefer to see a general catalogue of services, provided by companies we do not have any partnerships with, please, see the Shopping & Services section of the appropriate City Guide (e.g. Moscow).

Communication Services:

o International Calling Cards
o New! SMS / Web Originated Phone Calls
o Russian Direct Telephone Numbers(worldwide divert!)
o "Follow-Me" Numbers (diverts from USA & UK to Russia)
o Russian mobile phone contracts
o Computer Help

Equipment Rental & Delivery Services:

o PC Computers & Related Equipment Rental
o Mobile Telephone Rental
o Flower & Presents Delivery

Event Planning Services:

This free independent travel guide to Russia exists thanks to the commission we get when you order these hand-picked trusted third-party services or when you buy our book. Please, support us!


o Temporary Office Organization
o Seminars & Conferences
o Local Staffing Service
o Tranlsations & Interpreters

Business Services:

o Accounting Services (bookkeeping, formations, bank accounts)
o Promotion & Marketing
o Printing & Design Services

In case you don't find what you're looking for — just send us a message through Extra Services request form, and we will recommend a good provider for you.

You can also always post your question in our Talk Lounge or contact Synergy Travel Russia call center at +7 095 411-9-401 (Russia)
or +1 866 411-9-401 (toll free USA).


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