Direct Russia Telephone Numbers, "Follow-Me" Divert Services:

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 15 Nov 2009)

Our partner company, Event Planning, can provide direct Russia telephone numbers and "follow-me" divert numbers in UK and USA.

How to Get a Russian Telephone Number?

You can get a direct Moscow (095) number. When called, it will forward the caller to the telephone numbers you specify: whether it is your Moscow office number or a summer residence in Spain. The offer comes with a powerful online control panel, so you have access to all the settings 24 hours a day. It is also possible to set up a few hundred extension numbers: making it possible to create a full-scale virtual office system, or just providing an easier way to call your friends and relatives to Russia.

Prices (in $ US):
Set-up fee of $150, minimum monthly usage: $100, calls diverted to Moscow: $0.04 per minute, calls diverted to Irkutsk, Russia: $0.10 per minute, calls diverted to Europe or USA landline: $0.14 per minute, calls diverted to European mobile networks: $0.35 per minute.

As you see, this is a very easy and cost-effective solution especially if you have colleagues, clients, partners, friends in Russia who need to call you often. This way you can give them your direct Moscow number and make it possible for them to always reach you, wherever you are (and only if you want it, because the system has comprehensive time and caller block systems).

To order - fill in the form below, or proceed directly to Event Planning Russia website.

How to Get a Follow-Me Divert Number?
The follow-me divert number is a number in UK (local, national, London) or USA (toll-free), which follows you wherever you are and diverts all callers to the number(s) you set up in control panel.
This is a great way to allow your business partners always reach you and to allow your family save on international phone calls.

Prices (in $ US):
Set-up fee: from $0 to $20, no minimum usage, calls diverted to Moscow: $0.08 / min (from USA toll-free), $0.40 (from direct London number).

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To order - fill in the form below, or proceed directly to Event Planning Russia website.

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