Temporary Office in Russia

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 15 Nov 2009)

Our partner company, Event Planning Russia, can organize a temporary office for you in Russia. They provided similar services to such organizations as OSCE and Governor General of Canada, and have good connections with local business centers, as well as a stock of high-quality conference equipment.

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Here are examples of the services that can be provided, including prices:

  Virtual Office Small Office Full-Scale Operations
Time Basis: Per hour or per day Per Week Per Month
Provided: A working place that can be used occasionally, post address, all equipment provided, telephone, internet access. A small office that can be used for a few weeks or regularly, during business trips and special projects.
The service charge includes all equipment, telephone, broadband internet.
A temporary office setup, conference rooms, meeting rooms, full range of equipment, telephone, fast-speed internet, local staff, secretary, personal manager.
Set-up time: 1 business day 3 business days from 5 business days
Price in $ US (all included): $26 per hour, or $140 per day from $990 per month. from $9000 per project.

Minimum order: $100 US

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Temporary Office Request Form:

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Please, note, that your request will be submitted to our advertiser, Event Planning Russia, NOT Way to Russia Guides.
You request will be confirmed in 1 business day. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please, see Event Planning Russia website (our advertisers and business services providers)



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