Local Prophets and Contemporary Artists

Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 11 Nov 2015)
The thing about "local" and "prophet" is that there is an origin and then there's a message which is significant. Religious connotations behind, it is now in the fields of contemporary art, science, literature, and various cultural production medias that the new prophecies emerge. The "Russianness" in this context is something that is related to contemporary social, political and geographic conditions, contained within the Russian territory. The internet makes these distinctions more blurry, but there are still the bubble-spheres of national language, history, cultural traits that affect the expression and the palettes of possible meanings available to invididuals. Below is a list of the local prophets from Russia who disrupt, shape, and cultivate the cultural context in Russia these days. We will include the masters of the 90s as well as lesser known contemporary artists... 


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Mikhail Levadny - Михаил Левадный

Mikhail Levadny is from the country of Ukraine, but as most of his prophecies are in Russian we consider him to be one of the most important local prophets around.

Serge Dur-Dachnik - The Russian Sadhu - Серж Дур-Дачник

Serge Dur Dachnik is a simple Russian guy from Krasnodar, which is a city in the south of Russia close to Crimea.

Petr Pavlensky - Russian Actionist Artist

PetrPavlensky got known forburning the main entrance of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB, former KGB).