Moscow visa registration offices (OVIRs) are dismissed

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 07 Aug 2009)

from Way to Russia (25/05/2004)

Effective May 20, 2004, all Moscow local OVIR’s (Office of Visas and
have been dismissed
and local Police Departments (Militsia) have inherited their responsibilities.

For people who come to Russia on a visa, this means that
tourist visa registration is now done at the Passport and Visa Department of
the local Police Department. This also means that in order to get a private invitation
for a foreigner, a person who is making the invitation will need to go to a local
Police Department.

Business visas are still registered by the sponsoring company at PVU.

The officials claim this was done for convenience, as there were only 30 OVIRs
in Moscow and there are more than 100 police departments throughout the city,
so the move will shorten the queues. However, there's a possibility that at the
beginning of the process there may be some delays, as the functions from one
department are being transfered to another.

The change does not concern the people who order the tourist visa supports, as
it is done by a visa support travel agency.



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