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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 07 Oct 2009)

WayToRussia.Net has searched through available tours in Russia, and have chosen the most interesting and fairly priced ones, provided by reliable operators. We do not list the tours that you can easily do by yourself, only the ones that are really worth it.
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Moscow City Tours:
There's lots of famous sights in Moscow, like Kremlin and Red Square, but there are also more hidden spots. If you'd like to see the main sights, we advise you to take a bus sightseeing tour of Moscow from our partners. If you are after something specific, like visiting monasteries, Moscow metro, or former KGB headquarters, it's better to take a customized tour.

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St. Petersburg City Tours:

Regular St. Petersburg walking tours by our St. Petersburg representatives — Peter's Walking Tours.
Also, customized St. Petersburg city tours and trips around town. General sightseeing walking and car tours, Peterhof palace day tour, St. Petersburg cathedrals tour. Very fair prices and interesting itineraries.

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Kamchatka Tours:
Kamchatka is the magnificient land of volcanoes and geysers, located at the very Eastern tip of Russia. An exotic destination even for Russians, it attracts eco-tourists, who want to experience pristine nature and to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the region.
Because the volcanoes are not that easily accessible and lots of territories require a special permit to visit, it's highly recommended to get a tour.

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Trans-Siberian & Baikal Lake Tours:
Baikal and Trans-Siberian tours
Baikal is the largest and deepest fresh-water lake in the world, located in Siberia. It is a beautiful place with untamed nature and a lot of possibilities for different kinds of activities.
You can go for a few days on the shore of the lake and live in a comfortable hotel, enjoying Russian food, steam-sauna, and swimming in the lake. Or you can go sailing on the lake and explore unaccessible places, try fishing, gold-mining, and seal-watching.
Or, if you're on budget, just go rafting, treekking, or camping.

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Altay Mountains:
Altai is a land where myths and legends are incarnated into reality. It's one of those rare corners on the Earth where Nature decided to show everything it was capable of. Broad and boundless views of steppes, luxuriant varieties of taiga thickets, modest charm of deserts, severe splendor of snowy peaks, laconic beauty of tundra - the diversity of landscapes here is so rich, it is as if you are turning over pages of a geographical atlas!

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Elbrus and Cheget - Russian Caucasus:
Elbrus is famous for being the highest peak in Europe and there is always enough snow to snowboard or ski even during the Summer. Considering the bad situation on European resorts this year, Elbrus can be a good option.
During the Summer you can also join one of the trekking tours in the region.

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