What to Do at Altay Mountains

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 21 Aug 2009)

There are some things that you definitely should do when you travel to Altay, among them are:


Sun Vibes Festival at Altay Sun Vibes Festival. The largest open-air festival of electronic music in Siberia held in Altay mountains on a picturesque shore of Katun river in Chemal region.
When: 22 to 26 July 2005
Where: Katun, Altai Mountains

more info: www.sunvibes.ru


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rafting at Altai mountain rivers Rafting. Altay is a mecca of Russian rafting, so if you don't try it, you will miss something really intersting. Most tour bases and tour packages offer at least one short (2 hour) rafting tour.
Where: Katun, Beluha

(also see rafting tours)

Russian banya at Altay mountains Russian Banya (steambath). In any tour base, any alpinist camp at Altay you will find a little warm glowing wooden house. Get crazy hot and then jump in chilly mountain river or lake... Makes you stoned more than anything else.
Where: Aktru, Beluha , Teletskoye Lake
Camping and making fire at Altay Camping & Making Fire
Something you can do anywhere at Altay (except national park zones). Just choose the spot you like and live one-on-one with the nature...
Where: anywhere

camping, swimming, driving in Altay Driving. Enjoying great views from the car, especially along Chuysky Trakt and stopping along the way for short breaks, cold mountain river baths, and camping fire....
Where: Chuysky Trakt, Katun

(also see altay transport)

Swimming at Korbu waterfall, Altay Swimming
Waterfalls, mountain rivers, high-altitude lakes... Maybe the water is a bit cool, but the sensations are unforgettable
Trekking at Altay Trekking
There are myriads of different mountain walks for every taste and skill. Among the most popular are the 3-day walk to Beluha mountain and 1-day short walks around Aktru Glacier...

And don't miss Altay caves (which we didn't try and now regret)



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