The Guide to Altay Mountains

Altay is one of the best destinations in Siberia if you're into rafting or trekking. Here's how to make the most of it.

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Altay Transport Guide

Distances (times given by car): Novosibirsk > Barnaul: 240 km (3-4 hours) ||| Barnaul > Biysk: 175 km (2-3 hours) ||| Biysk - Gorno-Altaysk: 100 km (1 hour) ||| Gorno-Altaysk - Beluha: ~ 400 km (6 hours) ||| Gorno-Altaysk - Chemal: 105 km (1 hour) ||| Gorno-Altaysk - Kurai: 400 km (6 hours) ||| Gorno-Altaysk - Mongolian border: ~ 550 km (8 hours) What Transport to Use? Basically, what transport you use depends on how you travel at Altay .

Altay Travel Advice

There are four main ways to travel at Altay: taking a packaged tour, hiring a local guide with his own transport, traveling "wild" with local buses or hitchhiking, and traveling with your own car.

Where to Go at Altay Mountains:

Below we list the most interesting and popular destinations at Altay Mountains.