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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 11 Jan 2010)

In this section we gathered the best internet websites related to travel and to Russia. This is NOT a link exchange page, we only list the pages we find the most relevant and interesting for our readers. 

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To start browsing the Russian internet, try the most popular Russian search engines and portals: Rambler ( and Yandex ( Both have a part of their catalogue in English, but not completely. Also the best search engine in the world - Google ( gives quite good results for search in Russian (or about Russia). Among other popular Russian websites are Mail.Ru ( - web mail services, Molotok.Ru ( - an online auction. The best online catalogues are Yellowpages.Ru ( and MBTG - Moscow Business Telephone Guide (

Russian Internet Resources:

The leading Russian internet portal, includes a directory, search engine, mail service, news, and has a section in English as well. | clicks:

Gazeta Newspaper
A popular Russian online newspaper, however, recently their English-language news has became too negative - just like it is described in Myths & Truths section of this site - the only news being about Gas, Khodorkovsky and Chechnya war, as if there's nothing else happening in Russia... So, we personally don't read it anymore. | clicks:

Moscow News Newspaper
An english-language weekly published in Moscow. Affilliated with Gazeta.Ru (above), but not as biased. | clicks:

Translit.Ru - Russian Transliterator
Ever had problems typing in Russian letters? Not anymore - this wonderful
tool allows you to write in any phrase/text in Russian language with your
ordinary keyboard automatically converting English letters to Russian ones,
and even send it to Russian and foreign search engines and translators. | clicks:

The Moscow Expat Site is a virtual community for exchanging information and interacting with English speaking expats and Russians..

Genealogia - Find Your Geneology Tree
Want to find out who your ancestors were? This site helps you to find people who have the same surname as you. | clicks:

Napishi.Ru - Send Telegrams, Letters, Faxes to Russia!
This is the most interesting service on the Russian internet: you can send a telegram, letter, fax or telex to any place in Russia. The prices are very low, and the owner of the resouce, Leonid, is very helpful. In English and Russian. | clicks:

Putin.Ru - Internet Digest
The independent news digest that publishes various news related to president Putin. If you want to know what he did or said, this is the website to see. | clicks:

The Russia Journal
English-language monthly magazine printed in Moscow. The website has loads of information and news. Caters more to business people, rather than travelers, but will be interesting for everybody. | clicks:

One of the leading entertainment weekly in Moscow. | clicks:

Ad newspaper in English. | clicks:

Russian Literature - Moshkov's Library
The biggest archive of Russian literature for free access. Most of the texts are in original language (Russian), but there are some translated versions as well. | clicks:

Russia Makes it Funny
This site gathers the weirdest news from the Russian newspapers and online media and publishes it on their website. Not that these news are funny, but some of them prove that Russia has its own way. | clicks:

Russian Legislation in English by Garant Park
All Russian laws and official documents in English. Some may be accessed for free, but others require a payment. | clicks:

Business Portal - RosBusinessConsulting
The main business portal in the Russian internet. Business news, stock market quotes, financial information, exchange rates, weather.
http:/// | clicks:

Russian Statistics - GosKomStat
The government body that gathers official statistics in Russia. Most of the materials should be purchased, however, their paid stats may be invaluable for a serious research, besides, the prices are not too high. | clicks:

Russia-Related Resources:

Lonely Planet Guide to Russia
Perhaps, after WayToRussia.Net, this is the best travel guide to Russia you can find on the internet. There is also a very interesting travel forum - Thorn Tree, featuring information on every part of the world. | clicks:

RoughGuide to Russia
If Lonely Planet is one of the best, Rough Guide is my personal favourite for travels around the world. | clicks:

Geographia.Com Information on Russia
A very general guide, no specifics, but may be interesting for those, who are interested in Russian nature, history, and culture. | clicks:

New: Siberian Pain Fight Club
I have no idea whether this is real or not, but they claim to be the first official Fight Club in Siberia. Check out their video, even though you can't see anything (I guess, for safety purposes), the sound is quite impressive.

New: Paranoiac Refuge Blog
Claims to be a refuge for paranoiacs this website is a blog open for everybody to post their paranoid ideas. Some interesting articles related to Russia about vodka and "jesusoids".

Russia Cultural Profile
A site about Russian culture by Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Office. Slightly generalized, nevertheless may be a good introduction. | clicks:

Baikal Web World - The Lake Guide
One of the best guides to Baikal lake on the internet. Especially good for educational purposes: lots of information about the nature, flora and fauna of the lake, as well as history.
| | clicks:

Russia Adoption Travel
Mostly information about adoption travel, and also a lot of practical information and links. | clicks:

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New: Staritsa.Info
Interesting information about small towns between Moscow and St. Petersburg run by the famous Uncle Pasha. | clicks:

Education Planet - Russia Section
This website features a lot of useful links about Russia with a focus on education. | clicks:

SRAS - The School of Russian & Asian Studies
If you are thinking about studying or making an exchange in Russia we recommend to use this organisation. SRAS is an offical representative of the Moscow State University in the USA and represents other Russia's top educational institutions. It's also possible to arrange programs in China and other Asian countries. | clicks:

Worldwide Travel Guides and Internet Resources:

ThisIsTheLife.Com - The Greatest Life Experiences
A new website dedicated to the greatest life experiences and providing a forum for people to review experiences, suggest new ones, send in photos or just browse. If you want to travel some place special - start here. | clicks:

Vagabondo - The Independent Traveler's Guide
Information for independent travelers, a nice section on Russia with a lot of personal travel stories and practical tips. | clicks:

The Travellers Lounge - Round the World Travel Guide
Great introductory information and practical advices on any country you can think about. A section about Russia was written by when we were just starting. | clicks:

TrekShare - The Independent Travelers' Community
A very good site packed with interesting travelogues, photographs, and personal experiences from almost every part of the world. Highly recommended! | clicks:

Planet Raider - Guide to South-East Asia
Caters to backpackers and features an online hotel booking engine. | clicks:

Seat 61 - Everything about Train Travel
Best site on train travel throughout the world. Features quite nice page about Russia as well. | clicks:

Travel Library - Traveler's Resource Guide
Jam-packed with useful travel links, travelogues, photographs, and interesting travel information | clicks:

Chatzy.Com - Make Your Own Private Chat Room
This great service allows you to create your own private chatroom and invite different people there - everything done online. A great option if you want to talk on the internet and don't have a messaging software (or don't want to use it). | clicks:

Russia-Related Online Stores:

RussianLegacy.Com - Traditional souvenirs & gifts from Russia
A US based internet shop selling traditional souvenirs, crafts, and gifts from Russia. The prices are quite fair, starting at only $5 US for an item, which is roughly equivalent to the prices on Moscow markets. Also, some information about Russian food, history, and culture. | clicks:


Travel Services Providers:

Peter's Walking Tours
WayToRussia.Net representatives in St. Petersburg, Russia — they offer great original walking tours in St. Petersburg. | clicks:

ABAHotels - Hotel Reservation Engine
Features very low rates for many European hotels and online reservation engine. | clicks:

1BigHostel.Com - Hostel Reservation Service
Accommodation in Central & Eastern Europe backpacker hostels,
cheap hotels and pensions, many photos, full description and on-line booking form, discounted accommodation and travel services for student groups. | clicks:

Nature Tours - Mongolian Travel Agency
I found this company at World Travel Market exhibition in London last year, so I suppose they should be reliable. They provides individual and package tours in Mongolia, accommodation, and inexpensive Trans-Siberian train tickets.
http://www.naturetours.nm | clicks:

Private Accommodation in Vilnius, Lithuania
Private apartments for short-term rental in Lithuania, and car rental service. | clicks:

Hotels in Prague
Free reservation service for hotels and apartments in Prague, Czech Republic. Practical information about the city.
| clicks:

International Dating Sites:

The story of one man's tour to Russia in his quest for a Russian wife; photos of sights and people; travel advice. | clicks:

A gay dating site both in Russian and English, attracting a lot of people from different countries, mostly USA and Russia. | clicks:

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