Vladivostok Hotels

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 30 Apr 2015)
Convenience and comfort can be costly in Vladivostok. Complicating matters is the need to be registered as a foreign visitor, and not all hotels can do this. Really though, you only need to register the first night. That means you could move to a cheaper place afterwards, saving your receipts in case some official asks for documentation. 

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Sibirskoe Podvorie Hotel

A small but comfortable 3-star hotel located in a nice house in city center.

Antilopa Hostel

Located just 750 meters from the train station and very close to the Sea Port, Antilopa is a popular hostel, which is rated consistently high among travelers.

Avanta Hotel

Located in an ugly but relatively new building in the center of the city, Avanta is the closest to decent you will find in Vladivostok without getting ripped off.