Vladivostok Transport

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 May 2015)

Vladivostok Transport

by Kevin McCaughey

Vladivostok is tucked away in the southeastern corner of Russia. You can get there by train, plane, or even sea.

Vladivostok Train Station

The façade of Vladivostok’s train station is the city’s most recognizable landmark.


The overnight Okean train runs between Khabarovsk and Vladivostok for about €50 one way. There is also a day train. The Rossiya train (#1) makes the trip all the way to Moscow. Do this in stages, stopping in several cities, unless you are ready to spend 6 days in a 4 sq m compartment. To explore the Primorye coast (the region around Vladivostok) at a cheap price, try an electrichka, a commuter train. On weekends people head north to recreation areas like Sanitornaya. You can head south to Nakhodka too (about 4 hours; one train per day). They leave from the central train station.

Address: Aleutskaya st., #2: Telephone: (4232) 491-005 Where else but Vladivostok can you find the Ferry Terminal (Morskoi Vokzal) right next to the central train station? The Morskoi Vokzal is, incidentally, shaped like a boat, though you wouldn’t notice unless you were told.
Address: Nizhneportovaya St., #1. Telephone: (4232) 227-815

Ferries To / From Japan:
From July to October a ferry runs twice a week to Fushiki, near Toyama. Prices go from $230 US (including meals) and higher for the forty-plus hour trip outside the cabin on the deck ($330 US return). Cabins start at $530 US one way and $804 US return. The passengers will be almost exclusively Russian men importing Japanese cars. Go to the ferry terminal, third floor. Alternatively, book tickets online at www.bisintour.com, or call (4232) 49-73-91, 49-73-93, 30-01-4.
In Fushiki phone: +81 (0766) 222-212; E-mail: fkk-air@toyama-net.com.

Ferries To / From Korea:
Or you can head south for Zarubina, and jump on a boat to Sokcho, South Korea. There are two trips a week in winter, three in summer. Check it out at www.dungchunferry.co.kr. Telephone in Vladivostok (4232) 494 060; in Zarurbina (4233) 177-864; in Korea: +82 2 720-0101.

Local Ferry Terminal:
To cross the Golden Horn Bay, or to go to Russky Island, you’ll need, in Russian, Vokzal Pribrezhnykh Morskikh Soobscheniya, near the Hocus Pocus Casino, and where the Russian fleet’s ships are moored. Address: Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya 6. Telephone: (4232) 227-815


Bus Station

The bus station is in the Second River region (Vtoraya Rechka). From the Semyonovskaya bus stop in the center, at the corner of Aleutskaya and Semyonovskaya, take 23 or 23A. It will take you 20-35 minutes to get there, depending on traffic. Busses leave frequently to Ussuriisk, a pleasant Russian town of wooden houses (2 hours).
Telephone for information: (4232) 32 33 78.

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Taxis in Vladivostok

Prim Taxi: (4232) 555-255 or 555-555; Elit Taxi: (4232) 549-999; Primorye Taxi: (4232) 205-405; Allo Taxi: (4232) 20-60-60; Rolles (4232) 98-08-58.


Vladivostok Airport

On a good day, the airport is 35 minutes from the city center. But there are few good traffic days in Vladivostok. Allow 90 minutes to the airport. A taxi will cost under 500 rubles ($20 US) if you phone ahead. Getting from the airport to the city takes patient resistance to the taxi hawks. Get out of the airport and veer right. You’ll see minivans. You can arrange a spot in one of these for 500-600 rubles ($20 US). A solo journey in a taxi will be 800-1200 R ($30 - $45). The longer you wait, the lower the price.
International arrival or departure by air will likely to be through Korea, China, or Japan. You’ll find quite a few flights to various cities in China, and a few per week to Japan and Korea (Seoul, Pusan). Vladivostok Air (http://www.vladavia.ru/avia_eng/) has a flight on Thursdays to Hanoi, Vietnam, returning Fridays.
Within the Russian Federation, Vladik is well connected, with flights to Irkutsk, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Magadan, Yakutsk, Samara, Chita, Omsk, Novosibirsk, among other destinations. These are on Tupelev 154 planes—not the most roomy. Aeroflot flies a daily non-stop to Moscow on the larger, comfier, and more expensive Airbus 310-300. The airport code is VVO.
For information on flights, dial: 056 or 006, but they probably won’t speak English.
There’s a large travel agent at Pocyetskaya 17, just a block south from the Statue of Lenin. There might be somebody who speaks English. Try the Hyundai also, downstairs. Web site: www.airagency.ru Telephone: (4232) 40-70-78


Ferry Terminal: Russia to / from Japan, Korea


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