Russian Visa Application Centres

Author: waytorussia (on 10 Feb 2020)
You can apply for a visa to Russia in one of the authorized Russian visa application centres around the world. First, you need to get the invitation and fill out the visa application form. Once this is done, simply choose the visa centre closest to you below and submit your application.

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How to Apply for a Russian Visa in the USA

There are multiple ways to apply for a Russian visa in the USA.

Russian visa center in Canberra, Australia

If you want to apply for a Russian visa in Australia the best way to do that is through the new Russian visa center in Canberra.

Russian Visa Application Center in Edinburgh

If you're applying for your visa in Scotland, you'll need to get visa support documents online and bring them, along with your passport, photos and printed out visa application form to the visa processing center in Edinburgh (authorized by the Russian consulate).