What is Sochi

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 23 Apr 2018)

Sochi is the biggest part of Caucasian Riviera, only subtropical resort city that stretches along the picturesque coast of the Black Sea.

Sochi set in the Krasnodar Krai which stretches 145 km (90 miles), making Sochi the second longest city in the world behind only Mexico City.
The history dates back to Ancient Greek people and Romain times.The first Russian settlement on the site was called Fort Alexander founded in 1838 at the mouth of Sochi River. In fact Sochi is a relatively new name for the city, as it was first called that in 1896.
Actually, Stalin brought this place a bunch of fame, building his summer residency here. One can still find tonnes of spas, recreational centers, family hotels and anything one could imagine at a resort area.
Sochi hosted XXII Olympic Games in 2014 and will continue using it facilities in 2018 for FIFA. Apart from that one can enjoy natural resources as Sochi National Park and many other historical spots which represent unique Russian culture.

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