Physical and Spiritual Practices

Author: waytorussia (on 21 Sep 2022)

Some people travel to India to reach enlightenment, but Russia also has a lot to offer. Learn about Systema martial art and ∞OS operating system for the bodymind. Both are the practices originated in Russia. They are both based on breathing and natural movement, which enables you to relax and to be more fluid both when you train and in your everyday life. You can learn both Systema and ∞OS in Moscow, but they also have classes abroad.

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∞os / 8os – Bodymind Operating System

∞OS(8os, pronounced as "eithos") is a practice originating from Russia, fusing the physical body and software engineering.

Physical and Spiritual Practices

Some people travel to India to reachenlightenment, but Russia also has a lot to offer.

Systema – the Russian Martial Art

If Russia had its own yoga, it would be Systema – the physical practice, which has numerous benefits both for physical and psychological health.