∞os / 8os – Bodymind Operating System

Author: waytorussia (on 21 Sep 2022)

∞OS (8os, pronounced as "eithos") is a practice originating from Russia, fusing the physical body and software engineering. At its core ∞OS is a practice where you learn to implement new patterns of behavior through physical practice. ∞OS is based on simple principles: natural movement, relaxation, fluidity, adaptivity and variability. These principles are easy to understand but hard to get into your system. The big advantage of ∞OS is that it helps you impelement those principles on the level of your unconscious, through physical experience, so that you can use them in everyday life.

In ∞OS the body is treated as a vessel to understand complex patterns of interaction and to then test some strategies that enable one to become more fluid, relaxed and adaptive towards the external environment and others. ∞OS was constructed from various practices: ranging from Systema martial art and Noguchi Taiso (Japanese body work) to psychology and agile programming. In a way it's a physical practice communicated and developed through the kind of frameworks usually used in software development, making it an interesting way to understand any practice not as the ultimate ideal but, rather, as open source code (software), which is run on the human body (hardware). The implications is that it is iterative, not claiming to bring the impossible, but rather practical and pragmatic in its approach.

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Currently ∞OS has regular research lab sessions in Moscow (at Retunsky Yoga Studio), Berlin (at Adidas Runbase) and Paris and you can learn more about it on ∞os /8os's own website – 8os.io or if you join their Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/eightos

8os practice


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