Introduction to Russian Architecture

Author: waytorussia (on 15 Jul 2016)
The impact of the architecture on the cultural collective consciousness couldn't be underestimated. Historical landmarks, parks, public spaces, transportation system and, finally, living quarters ultimately define how exactly we are dealing with each other and which roads we take.
View on Ekaterinburg - photo by amanderson2 /
The effect that architecture has on people therefore could be found equally in the symbolical order and on the level of simple day-to-day interactions. 
Late Soviet architecture in Korolev - photo by Sergey Tchernyakov /
Perhaps it is fruitful to look for answers not only in the particular constructions, which have a clear symbolically charged national identification, but also in the typical and the banal, such as, for example, backyards and playgrounds or in the choreography of panel houses. In a totalitarian state mass production and cloning of tested patterns are the main approach to the construction of the cities. A "typical" courtyard can be found in every Russian city and in every Russian city there is a Lenina street. 
Lenina street in St. Petersbrug - photo by Fotorus /
This section is a profane investigation, which offers a glance on how architecture shapes the character of the town and of its citizens. 

Part 1: Moscow Metro – Electric Palaces 
Part 2: Stalin's Skyscrapers
Part 3: Russian Playgrounds and Suburban Courtyards
Part 4: Soviet Times and Mass Construction
Part 5: Russian Wooden Architecture



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