Vitoslavitsy Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture in Novgorod

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 04 May 2016)
A great museum of wooden architecture that also tells a lot about the life of Russian peasants during the XVII-XIX centuries.
A very atmospheric, beautiful and friendly place featuring beautiful wooden houses from the old times.
The Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture - photo by Dennis Jarvis /
They collected here the typical wooden buildings of the middle centuries. The churches, houses, and warehouses were brought here from all over the area of Novgorod and the new small town was set up.
Yuryevskoe shosse, Veliky Novgorod
Buses № 7, 7A from central railway and bus station or the bus stop «Sennaya sq.». Bus fare - 20 RUB, leaves every hour. 
Витославицы - музей народного зодчества
Open 10.00 - 18.00


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