Veretevo Art Residence

Veretevo Art Residence is a quaint countryside house located about 2 hours north from Moscow, towards Tver region near Dubna. The territory is a former pioneer camp but as the founders claim it is now the pioneer camp for adults. It's surrounded by the beautiful pine forests and is situated on Dubna river. It's somewhat similar to a better-known Bolotov Dacha, but Veretevo is a bit bigger and has a more friendly vibe.

Veretevo art residence near Moscow

Veretevo surroundings

Veretevo has the total capacity of 45 rooms and can host up to 100 people. They offer their spaces for events and conferences, but you can also just come and chill there with friends. Our favorite accommodation option is the Taezhny Domik or "Taiga house" — a traditional Russian village house made out of wood where you can sleep on the oven — Russian style (see the photo below). It costs €50 per night for one person and €80 per night for two. 

Taiga house at Veretevo residence

A more luxurious option are the "Ashki" houses (A-shape), which can host up to 3 people and cost €100 per night — a more upscale option with Scandinavian vibes. 

Ashki house at Veretevo residence

Among the activities available at the residence — biking, paintball, nature walks, picknicks, boat rides (you can take a Kayak along Dubna river — €8 for 4 hours), ping pong, etc. You can also visit the local eco-park and the local farm. The best thing to do at Veretevo, however, is to just take walks around the area of the residence or into the forests. It's a nice spot, quiet, serene, perfect to contemplate or to enjoy the silence.

The territory around Veretevo is great for walks

One other important attraction at Veretevo is their amazing restaurant. They serve delicious meals made out of local organic produce and you can eat at their restaurant even if you don't stay there. It's open from 9 to 21.00 (last order 20.30) and you should give them a call before you visit to book a table: +7 (916) 956 - 28 - 82. 

Veretevo restaurant, organic local food that is delicious!

Veretevo can be a really convenient stopover on the way to Medveditsa river wild camping site or if you're driving to Tver. It also adds only about 1.5 to your drive if you're going north to St. Petersburg or Valdai for camping or to stay at Gorneshno village and you bypass the busy Moscow - Tver road, which can be a real pain during peak hours. 

To get to Veretevo by public transport, you can take a fast express train from Savyolovsky train station in Moscow to Dubna town (takes about 2 hours and costs ~ 300R / €5, regular departures). Alternatively you can catch the same train at Lobnya, which is 40 minutes drive from Sheremetyevo airport, if you decide to skip Moscow and head to Veretevo directly from the airport. From Dubna you can catch a taxi to Veretevo (about 25 mins, 800R / €10).

Alternatively, you can rent a car in Moscow and travel to Veretevo by yourself. Take Dmitrovskoe Highway north from Moscow, make a turn to Taldom and then take a left to Yudino village and then Veretevo. Once you get to Veretevo village, drive another 800 m to reach the residence.


Veretevo Art Residence
Veretevo Village Taldomsky District
Moscow Region
Phone: +7 (916) 956 - 28 - 82
Арт-лагерь Веретево
Деревня Веретево Талдомский Район
Московская Область


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