Where to Stay in Vladimir

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 21 Sep 2015)

Where to stay in Vladimir


Accommodation in Vladimir is cheap comparing to Moscow or St Petersburg. You can get a good quality double for €40, and a bad quality double for €20.
The prices for foreigners are the same as for Russians, but some hotels have the rule, that they can accommodate a foreigner only for 1-2 nights. If you need to stay longer, you or the organisation that invites you need to send a special request to the hotel. This is a typical rule of Russian provincial towns and is a bureaucratic atavism.
It is strongly recommended to book about 1 week in advance during summer. If you arrived without booking anyway, and everybody says that there's no space, try to push: say you don't have a place to sleep, offer money, ask if you can stay in the lobby etc. Some hotels (like 'Vladimir') have booked rooms, where nobody lives for some reason.

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