What is Barnaul - The City of the Future

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 21 Apr 2015)
Barnaul is not a very known city, but it’s an amazing place to stop by before venturing into Altay mountains (just 1.5 hours away) or to get a taste of Siberian provincial life.
Welcoming Road Sign of Barnaul
It’s much more welcoming than Novosibirsk (which is 4 hours away by train), clean, safe, serene and there are a lot of beautiful people with the great sense of humor (perhaps because it’s very multi-culti with Kazakhstan just across the border, but also maybe because of the super healthy mountain climate of Altay). 
Unhurried Siberian life in Barnaul - photo by Anton Barbyshev / flickr.com/photos/abarbyshev/9047619797
You can get to Barnaul if you do the Trans-Siberian stop in Novosibirsk and then get a train or a bus (about 250 km more). Alternatively, there’s also an airport in Barnaul with direct flights to Moscow.


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Barnaul is situated 250 km south from Novosibirsk (where the Trans-Siberian railway passes).