Going Out in Vologda

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 20 Aug 2009)


In spite of being a small town, Vologda does not give way to bigger cities like Yaroslavl or Moscow in providing its people with everything they might need. Most of the restaurants, cafйs, entertainment centers and shops are naturally concentrated in the centre but some good and popular club are sometimes a bit far off from the centre. Girls in Vologda in the whole northern region are very pretty, according to the opinion of those who come from the central part of Russia. Whenever they visit Vologda for the first time ones are surprised at the number of churches, others – at the beautiful and easy-going girls, while the thirds – at the level of service and prices. And of course, being the cultural centre, Vologda gives the best opportunity to go sightseeing.

This place works as a restaurant (Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines)

and as a night club. It is stylized for the 60th, with brick walls and portraits of Elvis Presley and Merlin Monroe. The floor and the furniture are made of dark wood that highlights the vintage atmosphere. It’s been opened recently but has already gained popularity among businessmen and elder people. It’s also visited by young couples who want to spend a romantic evening together. Their menu is considered the most expensive in town but only here you can order octopus or lobster; the menu is made in both Russian and English. There is a bar, a sushi bar, a chill out balcony, a

VIP room with its own bar and a scene. In the evening Vintazh turns into a night club that often hosts local dancers and music bands along with guest stars from Moscow or St-Petersburg. Parties usually last till the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. The entrance fee varies between 150 and 400 rubles (~$6-15) depending on who is giving a concert tonight. There is also often live music like jazz or blues.

Address: Pobedy Avenue, #10 (second floor). Tel: (8172) 79-50-56 (reserving tables). Open hours: 12:00-5:00.

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The night club Klyuch, according to the majority of the keen club-goers, is the only night club in Vologda. It means the rest of them are no competitors against Klyuch. True, it is one of the oldest clubs

and today is the most popular among young party men. And it’s not without reason: Klyuch always hosts some famous DJs from other cities and the best rocking parties take place necessarily here. Besides, it’s a part of the entertainment centre “Klyuch” which comprises also bars, bowling, Italian restaurant “Pinokkio” with an open terrace in summer, pools and other games, supermarket etc., and all this in one building. The entrance fee is usually less than in Vintazh. The club is situated in about 15 minutes’ way from the centre.
Klyuch on the net: www.kluch-vologda.ru

Address: Leningradskaya St., #85. Tel: (8172) 53-78-48.

Another popular nightclub located in the hotel complex Spasskiy. It’s just a good place to spend a night dancing. The entrance is about 100-150 rubles in average (~$4-6).

Address: Oktyabrskaya St., #25. Tel: (8172) 79-00-50. Open hours: 20:00-6:00.




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