St. Ipathy Monastery

Author: karinagolub (on 27 Apr 2016)
St Ipathy monastery (Ipatievski monastery) is the most important monastery in Kostroma.
It was founded in the beginning of 1330 at the place where Kostroma river meets the Volga. It's not clear who founded the monastery, some legends say that it was a Tartar called 'Chet', who became Christian; other legends say that the monastery was founded by Vasily Kvashnya, who was the prince of Rostov-Kostroma principality, and who liked to live in Kostroma.
Ipatiev Monastery, Kostroma - photo by Alexxx Malev (
First there were just some wooden walls and fortifications, but in the 16th century it was completely rebuilt. The monastery was making some money on the land, on peasants, on taxes, on navigating along the Volga river, so it could afford itself to build the impressive Trinity cathedral (Troitsky cathedral), richly decorated buildings, and stone walls around the territory of the monastery.
Ipatievsky Monastery, Kostroma - phot by Alexxx Malev (
The St. Ipathy Monastery is just 20 minutes walk from the city centre across the bridge over the river - it is even more breathtaking to enjoy the view on the assemble from the distance where it merges with a beautiful green landscape.
AddressProsveshheniya St, 1, Kostroma 156004 



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