Apartments in St. Petersburg

The easiest way to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg is through AirBnB, but there are also many local companies on the market that offer better prices and have more flexible options.
When choosing a place to live it’s better to find something quiet, not too far from the central Nevsky Prospekt street, but also a bit away from the tourist crowds.

Apartments in St. Petersburg

We recommend the area above Nevsky Prospekt, not far from Tavrichesky Garden or Summer Garden (Letniy Sad) – these areas are easily accessible, you’ll have a park nearby, the Neva river is close, and it’s just a 5- to 10-minute walk to most spots in the city.

Tauride Garden - Tauride Garden in Summer - photo by cat_collector -

Be ready to pay at least €60 per night for a basic apartment, but if you want something more or less comfortable, it’s going to cost about €80-€100 per night.

If you want to rent an apartment and still have a hotel-like service check the availability of Austrian Yard Apartments.

Located in a green area next to Tavrichesky Garden it lays a little bit off the crowdy touristy area and still just in 10 minutes walk from Nevsky Prospekt.

The prices start with €60 per night.

Austrian Yard Apartments

The rents during the White Nights (end of June) are very high, so you might want to avoid traveling during this period.






Austrian Yard Apartments
45, Furshtatskaya street Metro Nevskiy Prospekt
St. Petersburg
Апартаменты Австрийский Двор
ул. Фурштатская, 45 Метро Невский Проспект
Санкт Петербург


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