Hotels in St. Petersburg: Practical Recommendations

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 30 Jan 2015)
Your best bet is to stay in one of St. Petersburg's bed & breakfast hotels. There are plenty along Nevsky Prospekt and you can get a double room there for 50-100 / night. Our favorite one is Sovetskaya 21 B&B (also known by other name German B&B) which is one of the oldest the most reliable ones in the city.

There are also many great hostels starting with stylish Soul Kitchen to super cheap Cuba Hostel to the point that it's hard to choose from.

The local hotels are a bit overpriced, especially if you travel during the peak White Nights season, so book ahead.

If you are ready for longer strolls try Okhtinskaya Hotel , which offers rooms starting from only


Another option is Hotel Rinaldi (

room for 50), which is centrally located on Vasilyevskiy Island, but keep track of time and check the schedule of the bridges - otherwise you might need to keep on partying till the morning when the bridges go down again.

When you are looking for more comfort Hotel Brothers Karamazov offers perhaps the best price / quality ratio in the city.

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Both NasHotel and Hotel Neptun are good if you have come for a business meeting. The interior is more functional than cosy, but they both have sauna and swimming pool to relax after a hard day.

For those who have a bigger budget, luxury chain Corinthia has a hotel in St. Petersburg right on the Nevsky Prospekt. 

Another luxury hotel is Golden Garden Hotel, which does some sort of imperial tsarist past reenactment.

Otherwise, renting an apartment for short-term is also a good idea in St.Petersburg, but be prepared that if you pay less than $80 / night you might end up in some Soviet style shack, unless you're into authentic experiences.

As for the location, we recommend anywhere along Nevsky Prospekt for tourism and Vasilievsky Island if you want something not as busy and more authentic.

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