3 Best Budget Hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 30 Jan 2015)
The good thing about the budget hotel is the price.
But even in St. Petersburg, which is way cheaper than Moscow, it comes with a price: most of them are not very centrally located.
First to mention is Okhtinskaya Hotel in case you are ready for the longer strolls. The rooms are scandalously cheap though - and they start already €30 per night.  


On the contrary, Hotel Rinaldi (a room for €50) is centrally located on Vasilyevskiy Island, but keep track of time and check the schedule of the bridges - otherwise you might need to keep on partying till the morning when the bridges go down again.

Hotel Rinaldi

The last but not the least - Hotel Roses. If you need just a room decently located this Hotel might be an option - € 38-50 for a standard double. 

Hotel Roses


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