The Best Boutique Hotels in Moscow, Russia

Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 24 Nov 2019)
Moscow has several hotels that call themselves "boutique" but not all of them really live up to the standard. A good boutique hotel should offer a tailor-made customer experience, it should not be too big, and it should go one step further in terms of design and the general vibe.
Our favorite boutique hotel in Moscow is Golden Apple Hotel, which is centrally located, has 5 stars and is probably the best hotel in Moscow. It's designed for true hedonists who like to have all comfort they can get, whether it is 24-hours sauna or an exquisite dining option. The rooms are also quite nice: you don't hear much noise and you can also seal off all the light, so it really feels like you're in a castle when you're there. .The only problem is that sometimes rooms can be very expensive during the week, so it's better to book through the internet for the weekend only.
Golden Apple Boutique Hotel Moscow

Very similar to Golden Apple Hotel is Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel on Pokrovka street, which offers luxury 5 star accommodations and a range of spa services. Newly renovated, this hotel is a very good pick, but it's not really a boutique hotel as it has quite a lot of rooms.

Finally, you might also like StandArt Hotel — the first hotel in Russia, which is a member of DesignHotels boutique hotel chain. Its rooms are well-designed, the location is great, and if you manage to book it online, you can sometimes get a really good price (€120 / night), which is well worth of what you get (normally it's about €200/night).

StandArt Boutique Hotel Moscow




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