5 Best Mid-Range Hotels in Moscow

Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 29 Jan 2015)
Moderate prices do not exist in Moscow, but here we list 5 best mid-range hotels, which have a very good connection to the center, don't overcharge too much and have a nice infrastructure. 
Mid-range hotels provide a little bit more comfort, but in the search for a better price you might want to reconsider how central the location should be.

The cheapest from the 5 mid-range hotels are probably 3-star Hotels Cosmos and Azimut Hotel Tulskaya

Hotel Cosmos in Moscow - www.flickr.com/photos/trolleway

The first one, Hotel Cosmos,  is in the north and very close to VDNH - Exhibition of Achievements of the People's Economy, an important architectural ensemble back in Soviet time, and still very impressive today.

The second one, Azimut Hotel Tulskaya, is just 5 minutes walk from one of the oldest food markets of Moscow – Danilovsky Market. If you are after some Russian delicacies you should definitely go for a stroll there.

Both hotels are €50 for single and €90 for double room. The price may vary though, so look for the offers (most of them can be found using our search tool below). 

The Sputnik Hotel is located on a big street but the surrounding area is very green. It is quite an old hotel and it keeps its reputation.  Located in 10 minutes walk from panoramic point Vorobyevy Gory and an impressive building of Moscow State University, it might seem to be a little bit far from the center, but in fact it is just 10 minutes ride by metro (which is according to Moscow time perception is basically nothing). Price range €85- €100. Book in advance, in some months it might get busy.

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The Arbat Hotel is quite central – but it is located in the touristic part, which is maybe not the best choice if you want some authentic Russian experience.
The Arbat Street used to be a meeting point of street musicians and artists during Perestroika time in 90s – but it was long time ago. Now it is a street full of souvenir shops and caricaturists. 
Nevertheless the price is still mid-range, and the connection to the nicer parts of Moscow center is great.  €97-120

And the last, but not the least – The Garden Ring Hotel. It is a modern 4-star hotel with a fitness center, an indoor pool and a spa & wellness center, which has relatively low prices for a hotel of that class. You can find an offer for €90 for a single, or €110 for a double.

Garden Ring hotel Moscow




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