Hotel Elegant in Moscow: Cheap and Spooky

Located on our favourite Pokrovka street in middle of Kitai-Gorod this hotel not only offers a great location at a very low price (if you book it for the internet, that is).

Be careful about the rooms: some of them don't have windows and those which do may feel a bit stuffy – but they always have options available, so you can just book the one you like. 

Hotel Elegant Moscow

Even though one could argue about the choice of the name (is it like, we are going to name it elegant and it will become elegant, sort of performative power of give a name?!), this hotel is a good option for those who are looking for a comfortable base in Moscow.

One problem is that the hotel has a weird shady feel about it – something in there is not right. We can't say exactly what, it's safe and has all the amenities. Still, the intuition of our reviewer told him not to stay there, but maybe it was because he was thinking of something else... Or maybe it was the security guard who seemed a bit suspicious... Or maybe it's the fact the hotel is like a labyrinth and it's an old building... so you never know... Spooky in one word... Elegant in another.

Overall, if 70€ per night in high season sounds good, then you'll get what you expect from a 3-star hotel, including all little niceties, which usually go in a package, like a set of slippers, complimentary toiletries etc. 



Hotel Elegant
32, Pokrovka Street Metro Kitai-Gorod
Гостиница Элегант
ул. Покровка, 32 Метро Китай Город


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