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Author: waytorussia (on 28 Aug 2018)
The best way to learn about another culture is to ask directly. However, sometimes you're shy to do so or you're too far away. That's why we decided it would be great to give you an opportunity to talk to the Russian people through the proxy of ourselves. Using the form below you can propose a question you'd like to ask a Russian person. Our writers go out on the streets and ask your question to several random people in a short interview and post the answers back to Way to Russia (check out our previous interviews with Russian people). You can ask anything you want — there's no need to worry as you're fully anonymous (we won't disclose your identity and you don't have to provide your email if you don't want to) and you can be as frank or as curious as you are willing to be :)


Two happy Russian guys on a Trans-Siberian train


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