Russian Women: What are They Like?

Author: waytorussia (on 30 Jan 2015)
Google has this very useful feature where it shows what most people are searching for with the phrase you type in. Try typing "russian women" and you will see something like this:

Russian women google search
Dating, personals, and even "Russian women for sale"... everything that has to do with possession. Some websites even advertise Russian women "of the model quality".

The situation with "french women" is slightly different:

... a couple of crappy books, people trying to get ideas for names, and the famous stereotype about French women being the most stylish ones in the world.

Obviously, in a context like this, it's a bit difficult to write about the Russian women. At the same time, not to write about them is even worse, because everybody has the right to know!

Most of the people who actually reach this page are looking for very specific answers, so maybe it's a good idea to start with them.
Russian women



(data from Google Analytics)
Let's begin from the #3: "How to court a middle aged Russian woman" and #10 "How to flirt with Russian girls". 
Basically, the answer is, just like with any other woman. It's one of those cases where the country of origin doesn't really matter. There are a few peculiarities related to a higher degree of uncertainty and the tendency of Russians for "all or nothing". So if you can show some degree of commitment and perseverance – even if it's for one night – this will surely help.

Regarding the "naked Russian women", we cannot really provide any specifics apart from saying that they do look quite good in most cases (oh yes, and here's a photo, so those who spend 0:00:00 time on this page stay a bit longer). The reason is that they drive less and walk a bit more than women in other Western countries, and it's always healthy to move. At the same time, life in Russia can be stressful, and stress, as we know is a double-edged sword: it makes you skinny, but it might also affect your skin, so one has to be careful with it. Russian women also like to go to gym and to do fitness, so this also positively affects their looks.

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A girl at the Ob Sea - photo by

We skip the #5 as some kind of weird Google bug as well as the #6 as we can't really say what the typical Russian women are like, because there are so many different types.

Regarding the "female Russian guides", the best advice is to search for the "English-speaking escort services Russia", as it would be much more efficient and also more honest. There is no reason why a female guide would be better than men and if you have other interests in mind it's very unlikely that a professional guide will want to pursue them with you as it would negatively affect her business.

Just to make sure that nothing has been forgotten, it can make sense to refer to the "related searches" Google tab at the bottom of search results:

women russia related searches

For sale, check (bad idea).
Photos, check (see above, but OK maybe not enough – add some below).
Characteristics (read about the young Russian women - lots of interesting info on that)
For Marriage (ok, but why especially Russian? are you sure?)
Famous Russian women – Anna Karenina! But also check out our Celebrities page...
Russian brides – click here.

To finish the article, some random photos of Russian women:
Roza Shanina

Roza Shanina - a Soviet sniper with 59 confirmed kills.

Russian women in cold weather - photo by DiariocriticodeVenezuela@FlickR
Russian women - photo by George Dement @ Flickr



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