Powerhouse Club in Moscow: A Bit of Everything

Club Powerhouse is many things, including their own music label, studio, a bar, a club and a restaurant. However, its main attraction is the small but charged dance floor, which features quality electronic music acts from all over the world almost every weekend. Another secret of Powerhouse is the adjacent Malysh bar – a very relaxed small place for conversations. Powerhouse is very idealistic in its attempt to be everything at once, but Dewar’s whisky sponsorship deal makes the whole enterprise possible despite all the odds, which makes it a perfect example of how investment can shape reality.
The entrance to Malysh bar is from the side street behind the main entrance.
Powerhouse Club - photo from www.powerhouse.fm

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Powerhouse Club
7/4, Goncharnaya street Metro Taganskaya
Мэсто Силы Пауэрхаус
ул. Гончарная, 7/4 Метро Таганская


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