Pushkin Restaurant

Pushkin is not just a restaurant, it is a theater. The waiters are not just serving the tables, they are performing.  The interior does not just look like it is from the 19th century, it really is. The food is not just Russian cuisine, it is masterfully crafted and super delicious recreation of ancient Russian recipes. Great place for meeting someone for a cup of tea or a meal, Pushkin may come across as a bit posh, but it is one of the few places in Moscow which is truly original in its grandeur. A dinner will cost from €40 per person. Open 24 hours, free Wi-Fi
Pushkin Restaurant Moscow photo by e_chaya - flickr.com/photos/e_chaya/7926204218


Pushkin Restaurant
26А, Tverskoy bulvar metro Tverskaya
Phone: +7 495 739-00-33


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