Voskhod Restaurant

Moscow has been big on the Soviet nostalgia, for some reason people are willing to pretend they're back in the USSR with all the decor and the ambiance from that era.

Voskhod restaurant takes this one step further, adding the space theme to the mix. Located in the newly built park Zarydye, offers panoramic views of the green landscape, the Kremlin and the Vasilyevsky Descent. The interior of the place is decorated with futuristic space images of robots and rockets from a perspective of a Soviet mind from 60s. At the entrance you will be welcomed by a host dressed in space uniform, near the cloakroom there is a vending machine which sells space food in tubes and each table has a little figure of cosmonaut.

The menu celebrates the variety and authenticity of former Soviet countries culinary heritage. Apart from classical Olivier salad, cutlets and borsch, one can try georgian khinkali, azerbaijanian plov, fresh seafood on ice for a reasonable price and a wide variety of desserts. For the full soviet nostalgia effect, the soundtrack for the place is compiled by hits from the era. From time to time there is a live band playing in the evenings.


Voshod Restaurant
Moscow. Varvarka str, 6. Zaryadye Park


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