Tehnikum Gastro Bistro Restaurant and Bar in Moscow

Tehnikum is a relatively new place, which deserves the best ratings for the great vibes, stylish interior, and delicious quality food. It's a great spot both to have a date or to have a business meeting, the atmosphere is busy but somehow casual and relaxed and while the place is cool it's not too hip or glamorous. 

The food is really great too. Quality, delicious, modern meals inspired by cuisine from all over the world: from quinoa and falafels to burgers and fish. The prices are about €10 per dish, so a 3-course meal with drinks for 2 will cost about €50-€60. It's recommended to book your table before you arrive as it tends to get quite busy towards the evening.

Opened daily from 12.00 to 0.00.

Tehnikum gastro bistro restaurant bar Moscow


Tehnikum Gastro Bistro
Bolshaya Dmitrovka str. 7/5 b. 2 metro Teatralnaya (green line)
Phone: +7 (495) 230-06-05
Большая Дмитровка дом 7/5 стр 2 метро Театральная


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