Russian Vodka - Which is the Best and How to Drink It?

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 Feb 2015)
The magical drink of all times. Perhaps you don’t know about it, but it was the Russian chemist Mendeleev (the one who invented the table of elements taught in every school) who distilled the perfect formula for vodka, which is still used today.
So vodka is where the centuries of tradition meet scientific research, and that’s why it’s so special. The real vodka is made based on rye or wheat grain (not potatoes or sugar) and is thoroughly cleansed from all the poisonous substances. It is soft in taste (no need for zakuska) and flows like water.

One shot never goes without the second one, and it’s always good to make up a good toast and drink it at once. The way you drink vodka communicates something about the union between the Earth and the Cosmos.

First, you breathe out very quickly through your mouth to relax and empty the body, preparing it for the encounter. Then you drink the whole shot at once – this should send you up into Cosmos.

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Once you’re flying, take a piece of smoked meat, a bread, a salted cucumber, or your neighbor’s hat and smell / eat that other earthy substance to get back to this planet. This way you create the contrast or sort of a tear inside, turning the whole experience into an all-encompassing event that has something of every element inside of itself.

Russian Vodka
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