10 Reasons to Travel to Russia

Author: waytorussia (on 21 Sep 2022)

Why travel to Russia and not somewhere else and why travel at all? The notion of geographical borders may seem outdated to some, but the truth is that legal, language and cultural systems are still the strong binding blocks of society. Just like subcultures, professional ethics, transporational routes and various ideological constructs. Therefore to travel to Russia is to come in touch with the environment that plays according to its own specific set of rules. The matrix of relations between the crudes and the Cosmos, the savage, the noble, the beautiful, the brutal, the honest, the spiritual, and the natural. 

You have to go to Russia to...

1. Learn more about yourself and the world. Russia has the Oriental subconscious and the Occidental conscious. Experience what it's like when chaotic orderliness comes into contact with the rational. Or the true "West meets East and becomes all mixed up in a super interesting way" kind of story.

2. Teleport into a different matrix mindset. Russia is at a different stage of development. Right now it's all about constructing, creating, propelling, inventing, and realizing. Theoretical concerns are aside, the movement is fast, and time is money. There's no space for contemplation as the budgets are plenty but the time is tight. If we can think it, we can realize it. If we can realize it, we can think about it after, when we've done enough. Whether or not you share this same approach, being in the midst of a place that functions according to these rules activates and inspires some new ways of thinking and acting. #pragma

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3. Enjoy the beautiful nature and freedom. Russia is the only country accessible from Europe where you can camp freely. Rent a car, find a spot, put a tent, make a fire, and when you wake up the next morning jump into the wet grass like Tarkovsky's Stalker or have a swim at a dark forest lake. t's a true feeling of freedom. It's also a unification with the beautiful and diverse nature.

4. Make new friends. Russian people are not known to be the most smily people out there, but they are definitely very welcoming. Once you manage to take off the top layer of frost from the Russian you've just met, you will share a lot of unique and sincere moments together.


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