Polyvoks Synthesizer

Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 20 Jul 2015)

#polyvoks – a Soviet analogue synthesizer, which became known around the world for its raw, aggressive sound. Produced at the military factories it looked sturdy and complex – like the front panel of a Mig-29 jet.  

Polyvoks synthesizer from Russia with raw love

The great thing about this synth is that it's going to give you the right combination of cosmic crudeness, the unpredictable thick sound of sprawling machines, the echoes of vast industrial landscapes, the remnants of Soviet empire from the 80s, the fallen pieces of spaceships that have never reached their destination...
You can see a real Polivoks at the museum of industrial culture in Moscow (page 356 of our book). Sometimes you can also hear it live at contemporary music center DOM (page 378 of our book).


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